From rescue boats and work pontoons to surveying services, we provide creative solutions in the aquatic environment.

GM Marine are part of Greenman Environmental Services which work in some of the most demanding environments. We have unique craft and highly skilled staff to work in flooded or fast flowing waters, tidal mudflats and estuary’s.

Hire us and our specialist water based equipment to survey, record and monitor providing you with the information you need to plan and design.

  • Installing engineered projects for bank erosion and scour management
  • Installation of gabion, rock roll and reno mattress erosion products
  • Drilled Gewi steel anchor or Platipus system anchor installation
  • Removing debris from rivers, weirs, flooded environments
  • Asset maintenance and replacement works from the water’s edge
  • Wetland maintenance, improvement and habitat creation
  • Tidal waters estuary sampling, structure maintenance
  • Tree and vegetation management for canals and rivers

National Trust – River Avon, Lacock.

Greenman Environmental are contractors to the National Trust and were contacted following the river Avon flood which forced debris to become trapped within the bridge cutwaters. A river team was sent to clear the blockage when the river had started to subside and before more debris could accumulate. The historic bridge 14th century bridge is…

Survey hovercraft

The latest piece of equipment to arrive at Greenman,  the delivery of a new BMW powered survey hovercraft. The craft is a 4m, twin engine commercial model and will be working providing services for the water sector. It will be operated primarily to provide environmental sediment sampling for tidal waterways, estuaries and sites with difficult or…

Bath & North East Somerset – River Avon management

The River Avon runs through the centre of the city and passes over the weir and historic bridge at Pultney Street. Greenman provide various services to the local authority and use our specialist boats and craft to carry this out efficiently. Using our unique self drain catamaran we can work directly within the weir waters.…

Trinity-House Royal-Sovereign Lighthouse (Pevensey Bay)

The lighthouse was erected in 1971 to replace a lighthouse vessel, the shoal has been marked since 1875. The lighthouse is located offshore south of Pevensey Bay. Greenman provided rope access staff to carry out the core sampling of the lighthouse structure. Core sampling was required for inspection by the consulting engineers. The samples were…

YTL Properties – MonkeyIsland redevelopment, Windsor

Greenman were selected to carry out the work prior to construction and refurbishment of the hotel on the historic island. The work required tree removal and pruning of the island trees. A tracked chipper, stump grinder and LGP tracked winch vehicle were all required for the works. The difficulty was that no vehicle or plant…

Yorkshire Water flood damage

Greenman were contacted by Yorkshire Water to help with the river clean up following the floods which had a devastating effect throughout the county. GM Marine use specialist purpose built craft to enable our operatives complete access to areas cut off or inaccessible by normal means. Following the flooding debris had been carried down the…

Cleveland Pools, Bath – Lottery funded design and build floating pontoon

Greenman were contacted to provide a design for a new pontoon to allow visitors river access to the pools. The pools can be accessed via a footpath but there is no vehicle parking thus making the river access the preferred option. GM Marine have designed a unique pontoon using materials to match to building colours…

Wessex Water – Roadwater scour management

We were asked to look at one of the tributaries of the Washford River at Roadwater. Wessex Water had been approached by the Environment Agency flood prevention officer to look at the river bank scours which were developing through this section of the river. A private residence would also be effected by the increased risk…

Banes Memorial Park

Following a storm a large Poplar tree growing on the bank of the river Chew in Keynsham was blown over into Memorial Park. The root plate heaved and displaced a large amount of soil from the bank. Greenman dispatched an emergency tree team to the park and removed the tree which was lying across a…

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