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Infrastructure Services

Greenman Environmental Management have been working on the network since 1998 and fully audited by Link Up since 2000.

Major projects have been undertaken, such as the 10 million pound engineering project at Coalpit Heath, South Gloucestershire. Over 4,000t of timber was removed with our forestry equipment, for the first time on the network we used state of the art timber harvesters to process the timber which was sent to be used a paper pulp. Scott Pillinger was the project manager for Network Rail.

We installed the first rock fall catch net fence on the network at St Annes cutting, Bristol with the Paddington – Bristol trains running live throughout. The lead engineer was Tony White of WYG (now working for Network Rail) and the frame work contractor was Dean & Dyball. Andy Crowley (now Amco Rail) was the project manager.

33,000 kilometers of lineside was walked and inspected by our surveyors when we partnered with ADAS and won the tendered bid to survey the complete operational railway. It was the first time the network had been surveyed and a detailed hazard report compiled. A proactive tree management was implemented across the network following the survey data analysis. Dr Neil Strong was the Network Rail project manager.

  • Vegetation Management
  • Tree and ecological services
  • Core Drilling
  • Fencing
  • Embankment Stabilisation
  • Scour management
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Greenman Environmental Management provide arboricultural services across the highway sector. Tree hazard surveys are carried out to assess risk and manage the soft landscape. Using GPS/GIS equipment to survey, map and record detail quickly and efficiently providing the client with accurate and concise information.

Our highway teams are fully conversant with the way the modern highway is managed and we have high quality plant and equipment to respond to every situation. Emergency response can be provided 24/7 for clients who require this service and as Greenman have one of the most varied fleet of specialist vehicles ready directly for our use, we can respond where others falter.

Traffic Management planning is undertaken internally to ensure trouble free implementation of the works. We book space for trunk road maintenance and our teams often work at night in high flow areas to avoid disruption.

  • Vegetation Management
  • Tree and ecological surveys
  • Embankment Stabilisation
  • Highway verge embankment maintenance
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We have been providing work place solutions for the Water utilities on a call off basis since 1998 and now approved framework contractors we supply a variety of services from site enabling tree work to ecological services, planting and fencing.

We designed and installed the drilled adjustable foundation piles for a new building at Clatworthy Reservoir. The building was manufactured at our workshops as the design was very specific for the bats to use and be monitored. Being sited within a woodland and tree root zones, the initial Wessex Water design was for a reinforced cut and fill slab for the building foundation.

Due to the close proximity of the woodland trees we designed and installed fully adjustable Gewi steel foundation mini piles for the building to be built on. The piles were drilled using our specialist rig with no damage to the woodland environment.

Tim Coldwell from Wessex Water was the structural engineer and Nicola Davies the ecologist.
  • River Clearance
  • Scour Management
  • Provision of working river platforms
  • Providing specialist equipment for access to enable work on difficult sites over water
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Garden re-instatement works

Utilities improvement works were planned in Portishead, Bristol. Unfortunately a private garden was located on the area requiring excavation. The garden was completely re-designed for the landowner as compensation. Greenman landscape teams were called in to work with the owner and utility company to produce the new design and implement the construction.  

Bath & North East Somerset – River Avon management

The River Avon runs through the centre of the city and passes over the weir and historic bridge at Pultney Street. Greenman provide various services to the local authority and use our specialist boats and craft to carry this out efficiently. Using our unique self drain catamaran we can work directly within the weir waters.…

Network Rail – Bere Alston, West Devon.

Greenman carried out the vegetation removal along the ½ mile section which was a steep rock cutting. The work was carried out using a weekend possession due to limited access. Rope access techniques where used to work on the cutting face due to the severity of the surface. The works were carried out to enable…

Network Rail – Nellbridge, Oxford. Emergency fencing

Following an urgent request for a section of damaged boundary fence to be replaced on an Oxford overbridge Greenman dispatched a fencing team immediately to make emergecy repairs. The following day we returned to remove the old fence and replace the section with new post and rail.  

Network Rail – Trowbridge, Wiltshire. – De vegetation works for rail site enabling

The up and down embankments at Trowbridge required tree and vegetation removal prior to a major stabilisation scheme being implemented. Greenman rail teams carried out the work at short notice to ensure that the site environmental conditions were met prior to the works starting. A 300mm chipper with Unimog was using to process the bulk…

A46 trunk road – Night tree surgery works

Greenam were contracted to undertake safety critical tree works on the A46 trunk road following a hazard survey which identified high risk trees located close to the highway. Due to the traffic volume night works were planned to implement the work. Greenman planners produced the traffic control maps and for HW Martin to manage the…
Bristol fence

Design and build of a private access road

Greenman were commissioned to design and construct the access road situated on a hillside which had multiple springs running through it. The unique design had to allow for free draining of the water from the springs under the road to prevent erosion which had previously occurred. The area was excavated down to bedrock and a…

Combe Grove Manor

Greenman were commissioned by Combe Grove Manor, a large Country Hotel near Bath, to design and install patio dividers to give privacy to individual rooms. Our design team created unique structures which created a private space whilst enhancing and channeling the spectacular view from the rooms over the valley. The dividers were built out of…

Bannatyne’s Charlton House Hotel

Greenman’s landscaping team worked with local architects and local authority planning officers to design and installed a new car park using gabion baskets , geo tech matting and a Cotswold stone finish to comply with local planning restrictions. Greenman have been carrying out the grounds maintenance at Bannatyne’s Charlton House Hotel for 6 years, in…

Wessex Water

Greenman is an approved supplier to Wessex Water’s landscaping department, we have carried out numerous landscaping projects from large planting and fencing schemes to garden reinstatements after Wessex construction work.

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