In the 22 years since Greenman’s inception, the significant changes in UK and EU environmental legislation, best practice and guidance have constantly guided the way we work and deliver projects. We have closely followed the growing inter-relationships between environmental professions and worked to forge lasting partnerships between our clients and the land based professions including Arboriculture, Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Master Planning and Design.

As with all specialist professions, our core output is information and it is key that we present our clients with the clearest and transparent set of information to suit their needs without over complication or reliance on technical specifics. We see ourselves as landscape interpreters with our training and collective experience as the prism through which our clients can gain an understanding to help them achieve their objectives.We have embraced technological developments such as GIS/GPS and used them to provide efficiencies in our work, helping to present clearer and more accurate results for our clients and stakeholders and improve the flow of information between us all.


Our Key Environmental Services

We provide all aspects of practical arboricultural and forestry contracting utilising in-house teams or managing third party contractors, ensuring value, quality and compliance through to project delivery.
  • Site clearance
  • Stump grinding and excavation
  • Crown reductions
  • Hazard remediation
  • All commercial forestry operations
  • Work to veteran/historic trees
See Arboriculture Case Studies
Our fully qualified and insured professional ecological consultants offer a range of services, delivered clearly and concisely will full transparency and legal and professional compliance. Services include:
  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat surveys
  • Phase 2 surveys for all species groups
  • Detailed botanical surveys, including National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Alien and invasive species surveys and management
  • Ecological mitigation – Great Crested Newt fence installation, habitat remediation and creation
  • Specialist bat survey and mitigation services
  • Species capture and translocation
  • License applications
  • Ecological Clerk of Works site supervision
Ecology Case Studies
Our in house teams undertake all elements of hard and soft landscape contracting either as stand-alone projects or as waterfall-sliderongoing management contracts.
  • Elements include:
  • Planning, implementation and management Green Infrastructure projects
  • Green roofs and living walls
  • Planting plans and maintenance schedules
  • Landscape creation, remediation and enhancement
  • Landscape plans
  • Historic Landscape restoration
  • Habitat/Hedge Translocation
  • Fencing
Landscaping Case Studies

National Trust – River Avon, Lacock.

Greenman Environmental are contractors to the National Trust and were contacted following the river Avon flood which forced debris to become trapped within the bridge cutwaters. A river team was sent to clear the blockage when the river had started to subside and before more debris could accumulate. The historic bridge 14th century bridge is…

Survey hovercraft

The latest piece of equipment to arrive at Greenman,  the delivery of a new BMW powered survey hovercraft. The craft is a 4m, twin engine commercial model and will be working providing services for the water sector. It will be operated primarily to provide environmental sediment sampling for tidal waterways, estuaries and sites with difficult or…

Bath & North East Somerset – River Avon management

The River Avon runs through the centre of the city and passes over the weir and historic bridge at Pultney Street. Greenman provide various services to the local authority and use our specialist boats and craft to carry this out efficiently. Using our unique self drain catamaran we can work directly within the weir waters.…

Brent Knoll water vole netting

Greenman undertake a wide range of services for Wessex Water www.wessexwater.co.uk including the installation of water vole netting. GM installed 4 sections of water vole netting in a site near Brent Knoll, Somerset to facilitate the installation of bridge sections at a later date. Due to the restricted access of the site GM had to…

Reptile fencing installation at Dauntsey

Greenman ecological team were contracted by Balfour Beatty rail www.balfourbeatty.com to install 3km of reptile fencing around a site in Dauntsey, Wiltshire. The fencing was installed to prevent access to the site by reptiles whilst enabling trapping and relocation of reptiles already within the site. This was to allow for the de-vegetation works to be…

Bath Quays bat survey

Greenman was contracted to undertake an in-depth assessment of a site in bath for the presence of bats by a multi-national company www.bv.com. The project required a range of services which Greenman provide including ground based building assessment, aerial tree surveys, water based inspections and static detection methods. The site was located adjacent the river…

Woodhenge bat tree translocation

Greenman were asked to come up with a solution to relocate a known bat roost within a Beech tree to a receptor site 50m away. The tree roost was located on a previously unknown long barrow located near Woodhenge, Amesbury. The project involved the clearance of the trees and vegetation which had taken over the…

Notton Boster Station

Greenman have been an approved supplier on the Landscaping Framework for Wessex Water since 2011, during this time we have carried out numerous projects from small garden reinstatement to large planting schemes . Greenman also holds maintenance contracts on many of the planting schemes.

Ralph Allen landscape improvements

Greenman were asked to provide various access improvements at the school. The first was to widen the interconnecting path to allow combined wheelchair and foot access as the existing path was to narrow. Greenman landscapers prepared the area, laid new path edgings and tarmac. The second request was to provide a design for steps across…

Wessex Water, Garden Reinstatement

Wessex Water have an outstanding reputation for high quality reinstatement works to private gardens after corrective work. Greenman have been commissioned frequently to carry out the reinstatement works . this can be small turfing jobs to large garden landscaping and planting schemes. Our horticultural experts liaise closely with the clients and Wessex Water to plant…

Ralph Allen School recreational areas and grounds maintenance

Greenman have been contracted to carry out the grounds maintenance at Ralph Allen School since 2011, during this time we have been commissioned to carry out various landscaping projects to enhance recreational areas for the students and staff. Greenman re designed the quadrangle area installing a natural wooden deck with seating built into it, surrounded…

Historic Pedestrian Bridge to Cornish Island

Greenman won the contract to refurbish the Victorian bridge in Cornwall which leads to a private estate on a small island. The bridge deck was redesigned and replaced with a bespoke  Larch surface by our in- house team of carpenters. This unique project provided a variety of challenges for the onsite team but what a…

Garden Restoration

Greenman were commissioned to restore a Georgian garden on the outskirts of Bath . The garden was on a steep bank which had to be cleared and re profiled, a rockery was created leading onto a turfed area which blended into the surrounding woodland.

Tree Surveys: Bath Rugby

In 2015 Greenman were engaged directly by Bath Rugby at their important site in the centre of the city working closely with architects and engineers CMS Group and ground workers on the demolition and construction of their new West Stand. Working within the Bath Conservation Area and in close proximity to a group of 3rd…

Imperial Park, Hartcliffe, Bristol

Site of the former Wills Tobacco Factory built around 1972, Greenman have been involved with the site since its demolition in 1997. Most recent work comprises tree surveys and consultancy to British Standard BS5837 – 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations where we secured a successful planning permission for Persimmon…

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