Survey hovercraft

The latest piece of equipment to arrive at Greenman,  the delivery of a new BMW powered survey hovercraft. The craft is a 4m, twin engine commercial model and will be working providing services for the water sector. It will be operated primarily to provide environmental sediment sampling for tidal waterways, estuaries and sites with difficult or…

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DEFRA wind turbines – Bat population research

The Greenman ecological team were contacted by an ecological company based in the south west, concerning a challenging job to install bat detectors within the head units of several wind turbines. The site was based in south west Scotland and was part of an ongoing research scheme to better understand the impacts of wind turbines…

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Brent Knoll water vole netting

Greenman undertake a wide range of services for Wessex Water including the installation of water vole netting. GM installed 4 sections of water vole netting in a site near Brent Knoll, Somerset to facilitate the installation of bridge sections at a later date. Due to the restricted access of the site GM had to…

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Reptile fencing installation at Dauntsey

Greenman ecological team were contracted by Balfour Beatty rail to install 3km of reptile fencing around a site in Dauntsey, Wiltshire. The fencing was installed to prevent access to the site by reptiles whilst enabling trapping and relocation of reptiles already within the site. This was to allow for the de-vegetation works to be…

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Bath Quays bat survey

Greenman was contracted to undertake an in-depth assessment of a site in bath for the presence of bats by a multi-national company The project required a range of services which Greenman provide including ground based building assessment, aerial tree surveys, water based inspections and static detection methods. The site was located adjacent the river…

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Woodhenge bat tree translocation

Greenman were asked to come up with a solution to relocate a known bat roost within a Beech tree to a receptor site 50m away. The tree roost was located on a previously unknown long barrow located near Woodhenge, Amesbury. The project involved the clearance of the trees and vegetation which had taken over the…

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