Survey hovercraft

The latest piece of equipment to arrive at Greenman,  the delivery of a new BMW powered survey hovercraft. The craft is a 4m, twin engine commercial model and will be working providing services for the water sector. It will be operated primarily to provide environmental sediment sampling for tidal waterways, estuaries and sites with difficult or…

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BS.5837 tree protection fencing – Kingswood School, Bath

Our surveyors were instructed by Kingswood School to carry out the BS.5837 tree survey for the new Preparatory School within the main school grounds. We have liaised with the appointed construction company MIDAS Construction and the local planning authority to ensure the project complies with the British Standard. Our fencers installed the unique fencing (no…

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Grey Coat Hospital School – Westminster, London

Our arboricultural surveying team were commissioned by Camlins Landscape Achitects  to provide technical support for the proposed central London re-development project. Grenadier House was located  on the southern Grey Coat Schoolboundary and concerns were raised by the Westminster Council tree officer  regarding the potential impact on the mature London Plane within the school grounds. Greenman…

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Tree Surveys: Bath Rugby

In 2015 Greenman were engaged directly by Bath Rugby at their important site in the centre of the city working closely with architects and engineers CMS Group and ground workers on the demolition and construction of their new West Stand. Working within the Bath Conservation Area and in close proximity to a group of 3rd…

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Imperial Park, Hartcliffe, Bristol

Site of the former Wills Tobacco Factory built around 1972, Greenman have been involved with the site since its demolition in 1997. Most recent work comprises tree surveys and consultancy to British Standard BS5837 – 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations where we secured a successful planning permission for Persimmon…

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