Brent Knoll water vole netting

Greenman undertake a wide range of services for Wessex Water including the installation of water vole netting. GM installed 4 sections of water vole netting in a site near Brent Knoll, Somerset to facilitate the installation of bridge sections at a later date. Due to the restricted access of the site GM had to use our pedestrian tool carrier. This enabled GM to access the site and transport the multiple tonnes of materials and equipment required for the works. The pedestrian tool carrier also has a wide weight distribution which ensures the machine does not leave a foot print. This ensured good public relations between Wessex Water and land owners at such an early stage in the project.

The netting was installed on the banks of two rhynes which also posed access issues due to there being no access to the other side of the water course. GM adopted specialist access procedures to install the netting on the required banks. The installation was undertaken with instruction from the WW ecology team whom GM developed a suitable method of installation with, whilst ensuring extreme caution was taken.

The netting has enabled Wessex Water to install the bridge sections within the water voles active season, without the risk of harm/injury to any water voles using the banks as shelter.

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