Bath Quays bat survey

Greenman was contracted to undertake an in-depth assessment of a site in bath for the presence of bats by a multi-national company The project required a range of services which Greenman provide including ground based building assessment, aerial tree surveys, water based inspections and static detection methods. The site was located adjacent the river Avon which runs at the base of the northern wall, preventing access for other companies to undertake a detailed inspection of the site. GM used its marine team to assist with the survey to gather data on possible roosting features within the wharf and building walls.

The GM marine team enabled a detailed inspection of the site and located several potential roosting features previously unidentified. The GM marine team also assisted with the emergence and re-entry surveys, locating themselves on the river. This gave an in-depth knowledge of the bats usage of the water course in connection with the site.

The site consisted of numerous derelict buildings which had limited access due to unsafe conditions. GM overcame this by using certain machinery and methods to ensure a full inspection of the site was ascertained. The site also contained multiple trees which also contained potential roost features; these underwent a detailed aerial inspection to identify their use by bats.

In total GM reduced the need for multiple contractors requiring access to the site, and reduced the need for the main client to research companies that may be able to undertake certain aspects of the work.

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