Ralph Allen School recreational areas and grounds maintenance

Greenman have been contracted to carry out the grounds maintenance at Ralph Allen School since 2011, during this time we have been commissioned to carry out various landscaping projects to enhance recreational areas for the students and staff.

Greenman re designed the quadrangle area installing a natural wooden deck with seating built into it, surrounded by bunds which were turfed and natural wood walls built round it for students to sit on and relax in ,the area was enhanced and softened by the installation of plant troughs , some of which are planted and maintained by the students.

At the front of the school an iconic “jenga” style wall was designed and built to form a barrier between the car park and the school. Planters in the same style were designed and installed at the front entrance of the school to enhance the visual effect.

An all weather table tennis area was designed and installed in the grounds overlooking the sports fields again using the same wooden wall structure for continuity and visual effect, with a top of the range artificial grass surface to withstand the heavy footfall of a large school.

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